Flow and heat transfer characteristics of drag reducing surfactant solution in a helically coiled pipe

Hideo Inaba, Wael I.A. Aly, Naoto Haruki, Akihiko Horibe


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The reduction characteristic of turbulent drag and heat transfer of drag reduction surfactant solution flowing in a helically coiled pipe were experimentally investigated. The drag reduction surfactant used in the present study was the amine oxide type nonionic surfactant of oleyldihydroxyethylamineoxide (ODEAO, C22H45NO 3=371). The zwitterion surfactant of cetyldimethylaminoaciticacidbetaine (CDMB, C20H41NO 2=327) was added by 10% to the ODEAO solution in order to avoid the chemical degradation of ODEAO by ionic impurities in a test tape water. The experiments of flow drag and heat transfer reduction were carried out in the helically coiled pipe of coil to pipe diameter ratio of 37.5 and the helically coiled pipe length to pipe diameter of 1180.5 (pipe diameter of 14.4 mm) at various concentrations, temperatures and flow velocities of the ODEAO surfactant solution. The ODEAO solution showed a non-Newtonian behavior at high concentration of the ODEAO. From the experimental results, it was observed that the friction factor of the ODEAO surfactant solution flowing through the coiled pipe was decreased to a great extent in comparison with water as a Newtonian fluid in the turbulent flow region. Heat transfer measurements for water and the ODEAO solution were performed in both laminar and turbulent flow regions under the uniform heat flux boundary condition. The heat transfer coefficients for the ODEAO solution flow were the same as water flow in the laminar region. On the other hand, heat transfer reduction of the ODEAO solution flow was remarkedly reduced as compared with that of the water flow in the turbulent flow region.

ジャーナルHeat and Mass Transfer/Waerme- und Stoffuebertragung
出版ステータスPublished - 7月 1 2005

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