Two new taxanes from the needles and branches bark of Taxus cuspidata

Cong Mei Cao, Man Li Zhang, Yu Fang Wang, Qing Wen Shi, Teiko Yamada, Hiromasa Kiyota

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Two new taxanes were isolated from the MeOH extract of the needles and branches bark of the Japanese yew, Taxus cuspidata. The structures were established as (2α,5α,7β,9α,10β,13α)- 5,10,13,20-tetraacetoxytax-11-ene-2,7,9-triol (1) and (2α,5α,9α,10β)-2,9, 10-triacetoxy-5-[(β-D-glucopyranosyl)oxy] -3,11-cyclotax-11-en-13-one (2) on the basis of in-depth 1D- and 2D-NMR analyses (Tables 1-3, Fig. 1). Compound 2 is the first example of a transannular taxane glycoside isolated from a natural source.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1153-1161
Number of pages9
JournalChemistry and Biodiversity
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - Nov 10 2006
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