Transcriptional mapping of the messenger and leader RNAs of orchid fleck virus, a bisegmented negative-strand RNA virus

Hideki Kondo, Kazuyuki Maruyama, Sotaro Chiba, Andika Ida Bagus, Nobuhiro Suzuki

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The transcriptional strategy of orchid fleck virus (OFV), which has a two-segmented negative-strand RNA genome and resembles plant nucleorhabdoviruses, remains unexplored. In this study, the transcripts of six genes encoded by OFV RNA1 and RNA2 in the poly(A)-enriched RNA fraction from infected plants were molecularly characterized. All of the OFV mRNAs were initiated at a start sequence 3'-UU-5' with one to three non-viral adenine nucleotides which were added at the 5' end of each mRNA, whereas their 3' termini ended with a 5'-AUUUAAA(U/G)AAAA(A). n-3' sequence. We also identified the presence of polyadenylated short transcripts derived from the 3'-terminal leader regions of both genomic and antigenomic strands, providing the first example of plus- and minus-strand leader RNAs in a segmented minus-strand RNA virus. The similarity in the transcriptional strategy between this bipartite OFV and monopartite rhabdoviruses, especially nucleorhabdoviruses (family Rhabdoviridae) is additional support for their close relationship.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)166-174
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2014



  • Bipartite genome
  • Dichorhavirus
  • Gene junction
  • Leader RNA
  • Negative-strand RNA virus
  • Orchid fleck virus
  • Polyadenylated
  • RACE
  • Rhabdovirus
  • Transcription

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