The mineralocorticoid receptor knockout in medaka is further validated by glucocorticoid receptor compensation

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To study the critical role of mineralocorticoid signalling, we generated a constitutive mineralocorticoid receptor (MR)-knockout (KO) medaka as the first adult-viable MR-KO animal. This KO medaka displayed abnormal behaviours affected by visual stimuli. In contrast, the loss of MR did not result in overt phenotypic changes in osmoregulation, despite the well-known osmoregulatory functions of MR in mammals. Since glucocorticoid receptor (GR) has been suggested to compensate for loss of MR, we examined expression of duplicated GRs with markedly different ligand sensitivities, in various tissues. qRT-PCR results revealed that the absence of MR induced GR1 in the brain and eyes, but not in osmoregulatory organs. This reinforces the important functions of glucocorticoid signalling, but the minor role of mineralocorticoid signalling, in fish osmoregulation. Because both 11-deoxycorticosterone (DOC) and cortisol are ligands for MR, whereas GRs are specific to cortisol, GR1 signalling may compensate for the absence of cortisol-MR, rather than that of DOC-MR. Thus, this GR expression suggests that our MR-KO model can be used specifically to characterize DOC-MR signalling.

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