The cumacean Genus Eudorella (Crustacea: Peracarida) from Japanese Waters, Northwest Pacific, and E. suluensis sp. nov. from the Sulu Sea, Indo-West Pacific

Tadashi Akiyama, Sigeo Gamô

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Cumacean crustaceans in the genus Eudorella (Leuconidae) from Japanese waters, in the Northwest Pacific, were examined and the following 15 species were recognized: E. acuticaudata sp. nov.; E. æquiremis Hansen, 1920; E. bathyalis Vassilenko & Tzareva, 2004; E. bathyhwanghaensis sp. nov.; E. breviflagella sp. nov.; E. dentata Lomakina, 1955; E. emarginata (Kroer, 1846); E. fusafusa sp. nov.; E. haradai sp. nov.; E. hwanghaensis Hong & Park, 1999; E. ohtai sp. nov.; E. orientalis sp. nov.; E. parahirsuta sp. nov.; E. ryukyuensis Akiyama & Gamô, 2005; and E. setoensis Akiyama & Gamô, 2006. In addition, Eudorella suluensis sp. nov., was collected from the Sulu Sea, Philippines, Indo-West Pacific, 688-693 m. These species include 2 groups on the basis of shared morphological characters. Eudorella bathyalis, E. breviflagella sp. nov., E. fusafusa, E. orientalis, and E. setoensis are characterized by a row of simple setae on each side of the carapace, with both E. breviflagella and E, setoensis also characterized by a short flagellum on antenna 2 in adult males. The other group consists of Eudorella hwanghaensis, E. bathyhwanghaensis, and E. ryukyuensis, from southern Japan, and E. suluensis; with E. hwanghaensis and E. bathyhwanghaensis also characterized by a peculiar secondary sexual character on the tip of the 3rd pereopod in adult males.

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Publication statusPublished - May 22 2012



  • Crustacea
  • Cumacea
  • Eudorella
  • Japan
  • New species
  • Sulu Sea

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