Texture Formation in Ti-bearing IF Steel Sheets throughout the Rolling and Annealing Processes in Terms of the Influence of Hot Rolling Conditions on Deep Drawability

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To realize a remarkable improvement of the deep drawability of steel sheets, the formation of texture of Ti-bearing IF steel sheets has been investigated throughout the rolling and annealing processes. Initially, the formation of hot band textures has been investigated in terms of the influence of rolling temperature and reduction. A low carbon steel sheet has been also studied to clarify the features of IF steel sheets. Subsequently, the textures formed by rolling and annealing has been studied at the surface and the midplane of IF steel sheets. The formation of the recrystallization texture has been discussed taking into consideration of the stored energy and the crystal rotation relationship around the axes between the orientation of the recrystallized grain and the surrounding deformed matrix. It was also shown that the consideration of the local crystal rotations in the vicinity of grain boundaries due to rolling facilitates the understanding of the formation of the recrystallization texture. The obtained results led to the conclusion that the a-region hot rolling under certain conditions is a very effective means of improving the deep drawability of IF steel sheets.

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  • IF steel
  • annealing
  • cold rolling
  • deep drawability
  • deep drawing steel sheet
  • hot rolling
  • mechanism of recrystallization
  • texture
  • warm rolling

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