Synthesis and light-absorption characteristics of thiophene derivatives bearing ferrocenylthiocarbonyl groups

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Thiophene-based dyes bearing two ferrocenylcarbonyl groups were obtained from a short synthesis involving direct arylations of the thiophene rings. A subsequent thionation of the carbonyl groups resulted in the formation of new thiophene-based dyes bearing two ferrocenylthiocarbonyl groups. These dyes absorb in a wide range of the visible spectrum due to their π-π∗ and d-π∗ transitions, and show a remarkable red-shift of the absorption band relative to their carbonyl analogues without increasing the molecular size.

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JournalChemistry Letters
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Publication statusPublished - 2017



  • Ferrocenylthiocarbonyl
  • Small HOMO-LUMO gap
  • Thiophene-based dye

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