Surgical treatment for gender-associated diseases

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Sex reassignment surgery for gender identity disorder (GID) and simultaneous surgical treatment for gender-associated diseases GAD were first performed in 2001. Most patients with GAD have disorders of sex development (DSD) such as androgen insensitivity syndrome and adrenogenital syndrome. Parents of children with DSD have expressed concerns about vague genital expression and desire early genital surgery. It is believed that early feminizing genitoplasty leads to the adoption of a female gender identity. However, performing an operation without confirmation of gender identity may lead to gender dysphoria. We treated three GID patients who had undergone feminizing genitoplasty during childhood. Many patients with acquired genital deformities experience mental stress, and psychiatric support might be needed in some cases. The cooperation of gynecologic and urologic specialists might be needed in some operations. Therefore, in the treatment of patients with GID as well as GAD, the cooperation of relevant departments is important.

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JournalJapanese Journal of Plastic Surgery
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