Structure of isorugosin b, and the orientation of valoneoyl group in the related monomeric, dimeric and trimeric hydrolyzable tannins

Tsutomu Hatano, Reiko Kira, Taeko Yasuhara, Takuo Okuda

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A new hydrolyzable tannin, named isorugosin B (1), was isolated from Liquidambar formosana, and the structure in which the orientation of valoneoyl group at 0-4 ~ 0-6 of the glucose core is the reverse of that in rugosin B (2) and in rugosin A (3), was determined. The orientation of valoneoyl group in rugosin A (3) was established by the long range 1H13C correlation nmr spectroscopy. The structures of rugosins D (6), E (7) and G (8), coriariins C (9), D (10), E (11) and F (12), cornusiin A (13), camptothins A (b15) and B (16), were fully established on the basis of chemical correlations with 1 or 3.

Original languageEnglish
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Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sep 1 1988


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