Spin polarization of tunneling electrons from itinerant ferromagnets Ni1-xPtx and Ni1-xPdx

J. Akimitsu, R. Kai, N. Kitamura, I. Oguro

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Spin polarization of tunnelling electrons from Ni1-xPtx and Ni1-xPdx was measured in a lower concentration range of Pt and Pd. The observed spin polarization P was not proportional to the bulk magnetization. The values of P attain maximum at about x ≅ 0.03 for Ni1-xPtx and x ≅ 0.01 ∼ 0.05 for Ni1-xPdx alloys, while the bulk magnetization decreases monotonically with increased Pt or Pd concentration. Present data are different from the ones of Meservey's results on the 3d transition metal alloys.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)817-819
Number of pages3
JournalSolid State Communications
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1983
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