Single crystal growth and magnetic properties of La2-xMxCoO4 (M=Ca, Ba)

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Magnetic properties were investigated for single crystals of La2-xCaxCoO4 ( 0.5 {less-than or slanted equal to} x {less-than or slanted equal to} 0.8 ) and for polycrystalline samples of La2-xBaxCoO4 ( 0.5 {less-than or slanted equal to} x {less-than or slanted equal to} 0.9 ) . In the Ca system, the effective moment μeff decreased with increasing x from 4.0 μB ( x = 0.5 ) to 3.0 μB ( x = 0.7 - 0.8 ), accompanied by a steep reduction of Weiss temperature Θ. These drastic changes of the magnetic properties suggest a spin-state transition of the Co3+ ions from the high-spin state to the intermediate-spin state. On the other hand, the effective moment of La2-xBaxCoO4 was almost 4.0 μB and there is no change of Weiss temperature Θ. These facts suggest that the intermediate-spin state is related to the Co-O bond length, i.e. crystal fields.

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JournalPhysica B: Condensed Matter
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  • Cobalt oxides
  • Intermediate-spin state
  • KNiF type

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