Resin adhesion strengths to zirconia ceramics after primer treatment with silane coupling monomer or oligomer

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Resin bonding to zirconia ceramics is difficult to achieve using the standard methods for conventional silica-based dental ceramics, which employ silane coupling monomers as primers. The hypothesis in this study was that a silane coupling oligomer —a condensed product of silane coupling monomers— would be a more suitable primer for zirconia. To prove this hypothesis, the shear bond strengths between a composite resin and zirconia were compared after applying either a silane coupling monomer or oligomer. The shear bond strength increased after applying a non-activated ethanol solution of the silane coupling oligomer compared with that achieved when applying the monomer. Thermal treatment of the zirconia at 110°C after application of the silane coupling agents was essential to improve the shear bond strength between the composite resin cement and zirconia.

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JournalDental Materials Journal
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  • Bonding strength
  • Oligomer
  • Silane coupling
  • Thermal treatment
  • Zirconia

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