Relationship between superconductivity and antiferromagnetism in LaFe(As1-xPx)O revealed by 31P-NMR

Shunsaku Kitagawa, Tetsuya Iye, Yusuke Nakai, Kenji Ishida, Cao Wang, Guang Han Cao, Zhu An Xu

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We performed 31P-NMR measurements on LaFe(As1-xP x)O to investigate the relationship between antiferromagnetism and superconductivity. The antiferromagnetic (AFM) ordering temperature T N and the moment μord are continuously suppressed with increasing P content x and disappear at x = 0.3 where bulk superconductivity appears. At this superconducting x = 0.3, quantum critical AFM fluctuations are observed, indicative of the intimate relationship between superconductivity and low-energy AFM fluctuations associated with the quantum-critical point in LaFe(As 1-xPx)O. The relationship is similar to those observed in other isovalent-substitution systems, e.g., BaFe2(As 1-xPx)2 and SrFe2(As 1-xPx)2, with the "122" structure. Moreover, the AFM order reappears with further P substitution (x 0.4). The variation of the ground state with respect to the P substitution is considered to be linked to the change in the band character of Fe-3d orbitals around the Fermi level.

Original languageEnglish
Article number023707
Journaljournal of the physical society of japan
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 15 2014
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