Relationship between mitochondrial DNA copy number and SIRT1 expression in porcine oocytes

Daichi Sato, Nobuhiko Itami, Hidetaka Tasaki, Shun Takeo, Takehito Kuwayama, Hisataka Iwata

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The present study assessed the effect of resveratrol on the expression of SIRT1 and mitochondrial quality and quantity in porcine oocytes. Supplementing the maturation medium with 20 mM resveratrol increased the expression of SIRT1, and enhanced mitochondrial functions, as observed from the increased ATP content and mitochondrial membrane potential. Addition of resveratrol also improved the ability of oocytes to develop into the blastocyst stage following activation. The effects of resveratrol on mitochondrial number were examined by comparing the mitochondrial DNA copy number (Mt number) between group of oocytes collected from the same donor gilt ovaries. Supplementing the maturation medium with only resveratrol did not affect the Mt number in the oocytes. However, supplementing the maturation medium with 10 mM MG132, a proteasome inhibitor, significantly increased the amount of ubiquitinated proteins and Mt number by 12 and 14%, respectively. In addition, when resveratrol was added to the medium containing MG132, the Mt number increased significantly by 39%, this effect was diminished by the addition of the SIRT1 inhibitor EX527. Furthermore, supplementing the medium with MG132 and EX527 did not affect Mt number. The mean SIRT1 expression in 20 oocytes was significantly and positively correlated with the Mt number in oocytes collected from the same donor. This study suggests that the expression of SIRT1 is associated with the Mt number in oocytes. In addition, activation of SIRT1 by resveratrol enhances the biosynthesis and degradation of mitochondria in oocytes, thereby replenishing and improving mitochondrial function and the developmental ability of oocytes.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere94488
JournalPloS one
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Apr 18 2014
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