Present status and future prospects of simulation models for predicting the microstructure of cold-rolled steel sheets

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Annealing treatment of cold-rolled steel sheets are mostly subjected to the continuous annealing line. In such process recovery, recrystallization, reverse transformation and dissolution or formation of precipitates occur during heating and homogenizing treatments, and the transformation and precipitation in the steel during the subsequent cooling and aging treatments. The required microstructure and mechanical properties are obtained by controlling these metallurgical phenomena appropriately. Because a simulation model that predicts the microstructure is a useful tool for the minute control of these phenomena, many models have been developed. In this review, the present status of these models is surveyed and their problems and future tasks are discussed.

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JournalISIJ International
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  • Bake-hardening recovery
  • Cold-rolled steel sheet
  • Continuous annealing
  • Phase transformation
  • Precipitation
  • Recrystallization
  • Reverse transformation
  • Simulation model

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