Predictors and underlying causes of medically intractable localization-related epilepsy in childhood

Yoko Ohtsuka, Harumi Yoshinaga, Katsuhiro Kobayashi, Nagako Murakami, Yasuko Yamatogi, Eiji Oka, Toshihide Tsuda

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The goal of this study is to clarify the prognostic factors in childhood localization-related epilepsy in a tertiary medical center. Children (n = 113) with symptomatic and cryptogenic localization-related epilepsy were divided into groups of intractable patients (average seizure frequency: one or more per month during the 6 months before the last follow-up; n = 40) and well-controlled patients (no seizures for at least 1 year before the last follow-up; n = 73). Clinical and electroencephalogram (EEG) factors were examined to elucidate prognostic factors. The subtypes of epilepsies and causes were also investigated. Univariate analyses indicated that the following factors were correlated with seizure outcome: (1) seizure type at the first visit; (2) seizure frequency; (3) underlying cause; (4) age at onset of epilepsy; (5) status epilepticus occurring as the first seizure and before the first visit; and (6) diffuse epileptic discharges on first visit interictal EEGs. Multivariate analyses revealed that seizure type at the first visit, seizure frequency, status epilepticus before the first visit, and underlying causes were significant independent predictive factors. The rate of intractable patients was highest in multilobar epilepsy, followed by frontal-lobe epilepsy. Regarding etiologies, the intractable group contained nine patients with encephalitis of unknown origin and three each with localized cortical malformation and mesial temporal sclerosis.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)209-213
Number of pages5
JournalPediatric Neurology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Apr 24 2001

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