Phthalide-derived novel fluoroionophores incorporating picolylamino receptors: Synthesis and response to metal cations

Hideki Okamoto, Ayako Matsui, Kyosuke Satake

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Phthalide derivatives incorporating mono- and di-picolylamino functionalities at the 6-position have been prepared as novel fluoroionophores and their fluorescence responses to metal cations have been investigated. These phthalides not only exhibited efficient fluorescence in an aqueous medium but also displayed fluorescence on-off response upon addition of transition-metal cations, namely Cu2+. The 6-aminophthalide fluorophore served as the core of the fluorescent probes although it has rarely been applied to a chemosensor. To the best of our knowledge, these modified phthalides are the first 6-aminophthalide-derived fluorometric probes for metal cations, namely Cu2+.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3164-3169
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Issue number15
Publication statusPublished - Aug 7 2011


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