Pathological complete response in a case of advanced gastric cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy

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A 62-year-old man with advanced gastric cancer was referred to our hospital. A gastroscopy revealed a type 3 tumor invading the esophagus in the lesser curvature of the stomach cardia. We diagnosed the tumor as cStage IIIB (T4BN1M0) gastric cancer. For the best chance of a pathological complete response, we selected neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) with S-1 + CDDP (SP therapy). A total gastrectomy with lymph node dissection was performed after 2 courses of SP therapy-Pathological evaluation of the resected stomach and lymph nodes indicated an absence of cancerous cells, confirming a pathological complete response (pCR). The patient has been followed up for 4 months without evidence of recurrence.

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JournalJapanese Journal of Cancer and Chemotherapy
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Publication statusPublished - Nov 2014



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