Pacific-type orogeny revisited: Miyashiro-type orogeny proposed

Shigenori Maruyama

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The concept of Pacific-type orogeny is revised, based on an assessment of geologic data collected from the Japanese Islands during the past 25 years. The formation of a passive continental margin after the birth of the Pacific Ocean at 600 Ma was followed by the initiation of oceanic plate subduction at 450 Ma. Since then, four episodes of Pacific-type orogeny have occurred to create an erogenic belt 400 km wide that gradually grew both oceanward and downward. The orogenic belt consists mainly of an accretionary complex technically interlayered with thin (

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Publication statusPublished - 1997
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  • Accretionary prism
  • Episodic zoned growth
  • Orogenic cycle
  • Pacific-type orogeny
  • Ridge subduction

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