Nomenclature of the horned turbans previously known as Turbo cornutus [Lightfoot], 1786 and Turbo chinensis Ozawa & Tomida, 1995 (Vetigastropoda: Trochoidea: Turbinidae) from China, Japan and Korea

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Based on the examination of old literature, the names of two species of Batillus Schumacher, 1817, a subgenus of Turbo Linnaeus, 1758, are revised. Turbo cornutus [Lightfoot], 1786 should be restricted to the species endemic to southern China and Taiwan. Turbo chinensis Ozawa & Tomida, 1995 is the junior synonym of T. cornutus. The species of Japan and Korea has long been misidentified with T. cornutus. Turbo japonicus Reeve, 1848 has been used for two very different species: one from Mauritius and another from Japan, with the species from Mauritius being valid, and a member of the subgenus Marmarostoma Swainson, 1840, while the Japanese/Korean species, lacking an available name, is provided with a new replacement name, T. sazae nom. nov.

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