Nodeless superconducting gap in the candidate topological superconductor Sn1−xInxTe for x = 0.7

M. P. Smylie, Kaya Kobayashi, T. Takahashi, C. Chaparro, A. Snezhko, W. K. Kwok, U. Welp

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High-pressure synthesis techniques have allowed for the growth of Sn1−xInxTe samples beyond the ambient In-saturation limit of x = 0.5 (Tc ∼ 4.5 K). In this study, we present measurements of the temperature dependence of the London penetration depth ∆λ(T) in this superconducting doped topological insulator for x = 0.7, where Tc,onset ≈ 5 K. The results indicate fully gapped BCS-like behavior, ruling out odd-parity A2u pairing; however, odd-parity A1u pairing is still possible. Critical field values measured below 1 K and other superconducting parameters are also presented.

Original languageEnglish
JournalUnknown Journal
Publication statusPublished - Oct 14 2019

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