Neutrino mass spectroscopy using Er3+ ions placed at inversion center of host crystals

H. Hara, N. Sasao, A. Yoshimi, M. Yoshimura

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We propose neutrino mass spectroscopy using Er3+:Cs2NaYF6 or:Y2O3 crystal placed in hollow of a Bragg fiber as a target system. Unknown neutrino parameters and properties such as the lightest neutrino mass, Majorana/Dirac distinction, and CP violating phases can be explored by measuring scattered photons (γ) along the excitation (and fiber) axis by varying Raman trigger (γ0) directions, in Er3+ de-excitation process from |ei state to |gi state; |ei,|ei+γ0 → |gi+γ +νiν¯j, νi ,i = 1,2,3 being a mass-resolved neutrino state. Rates and required level of QED background rejection are calculated using measured data of the target system.

Original languageEnglish
JournalUnknown Journal
Publication statusPublished - Oct 31 2019


  • Bragg fiber
  • Er
  • Lanthanoid ions at inversion center
  • Majorana fermion
  • Neutrino mass

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