Musculoskeletal rehabilitation and bone. Locomotion system disorder with aging and rehabilitation

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Muscle weakness and fall of ability for balance occur as becoming old. It is the worst results to fall down, and to break their bones. It is easy to have fracture elder people so that there is osteoporosis, and therefore they cannot walk, and become bedridden For a purpose to prevent that a senior citizen becomes a care state required by fall, we define "the state that fall of ability for balance and locomotive system result from aging and shut ourselves up, and a fall risk rose" as Musculoskeletal Ambulation Disability Syndrome (MADS) . A diagnosis of MADS is performed by criteria. The criteria of MADS is that a person with a history of 11 disorders has the particular degree of ADL independence and motor function. It is important to prevent falling down and do injury of fractures in persons with MADS by performing rehabilitation mainly on dynamic flamingo treatment.

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