Monazite geochronology and geochemistry of meta-sediments in the Narryer Gneiss Complex, Western Australia: Constraints on the tectonothermal history and provenance

Tsuyoshi Iizuka, Malcolm T. McCulloch, Tsuyoshi Komiya, Takazo Shibuya, Kenji Ohta, Haruka Ozawa, Emiko Sugimura, Kenneth D. Collerson

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Mt. Narryer and Jack Hills meta-sedimentary rocks in the Narryer Gneiss Complex of the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia are of particular importance because they yield Hadean detrital zircons. To better understand the tectonothermal history and provenance of these ancient sediments, we have integrated backscattered scanning electron images, in situ U-Pb isotopic and geochemical data for monazites from the meta-sediments. The data indicate multiple periods of metamorphic monazite growth in the Mt. Narryer meta-sediments during tectonothermal events, including metamorphism at ~3.3-3.2 and 2.7-2.6 Ga. These results set a new minimum age of 3.2 Ga for deposition of the Mt. Narryer sediments, previously constrained between 3.28 and ~2.7 Ga. Despite the significant metamorphic monazite growth, a relatively high proportion of detrital monazite survives in a Fe- and Mn-rich sample. This is likely because the high Fe and Mn bulk composition resulted in the efficient shielding of early formed monazite by garnet. In the Jack Hills meta-sediments, metamorphic monazite growth was minor, suggesting the absence of high-grade metamorphism in the sequence. The detrital monazites provide evidence for the derivation of Mt. Narryer sediments from ca. 3.6 and 3.3 Ga granites, likely corresponding to Meeberrie and Dugel granitic gneisses in the Narryer Gneiss Complex. No monazites older than 3.65 Ga have been identified, implying either that the source rocks of >3.65 Ga detrital zircons in the sediments contained little monazite, or that >3.65 Ga detrital minerals had experienced significant metamorphic events or prolonged sedimentary recycling, resulting in the complete dissolution or recrystallization of monazite.

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JournalContributions to Mineralogy and Petrology
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2010



  • Ancient zircon
  • Early crustal evolution
  • Hadean
  • Monazite
  • U-Pb

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