A material distribution measuring device (1) for measuring a reaction distribution or a concentration distribution of a material contained in a solution. The material distribution measuring device (1) comprises a material detecting plate (5) comprising a material-sensitive film (21) provided on an insulator (22) provided on a semiconductor (23), a flow passage forming part (6) forming a solution flow passage (12) on the material detecting plate (5), means for stabilizing the potential of the solution, means for applying a pulsed laser beam (9) from the semiconductor (23) side to the flow passage (12) side, means for scanning the material detecting plate (5) two-dimensionally with use of the pulsed laser beam (9), means for measuring the amplitude strength of pulsed electromagnetic waves generated upon the application of the pulsed laser beam (9) to the material detecting plate (5),; and means for obtaining a reaction distribution or a concentration distribution of the material contained in the solution within the flow passage by qualitatively or quantitatively measuring the material to be detected from the amplitude strength.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS2010220327
IPCG01N 37/ 00 A I
Priority date10/10/08
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2 2010


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