Laminin-411 and -511 Modulate the Proliferation, Adhesion, and Morphology of Gastric Cancer Cells

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Laminins (Ln), a type of extracellular matrix glycoprotein, are key regulators of cellular behavior. Recent work revealed that in various tumor cell lines, laminin isoforms influence specific responses, such as cell anchorage, survival, proliferation, migration, organization, and specialization. The contribution of laminin isoforms to the function of gastric cancer cells, however, remain unclear. Here, we revealed that in gastric cancer, laminin isoforms Ln411, Ln421, Ln511, and Ln521 promote cellular proliferation; Ln511 and Ln521 increase cell cytoplasmic volume; Ln511 hampers invadopodia formation in some cells, Ln511 enables prompt adhesion of cells to plates, and Ln411 and Ln511 do not alter the gastric cancer stem cell markers CD44 and Lgr5. These results indicate that Ln411 and Ln511 dynamically modulate the proliferation, adhesion, and morphology of gastric cancer cells in different ways that are independent of stem cell properties. In particular, Ln511 showed a high affinity for gastric cancer cells. Our observations broaden the possible options for controlling cancer cell progression and metastasis by modulating laminin-integrin interactions.

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JournalCell Biochemistry and Biophysics
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2021


  • Cell morphology
  • Cellular adhesion
  • Gastric cancer cells
  • Laminin isoforms
  • Proliferation

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