Interim report of JFMC study no. 23--phase III randomized clinical trial on the effectiveness of low-dose cisplatin plus 5-FU as a postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy for advanced gastric cancer

Shigetoyo Saji, Tetsuya Toge, Yasuhiko Kurosu, Koichi Hirata, Akira Gochi, Suketami Tominaga, Kiyoshi Inokuchi

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The interim analysis of the JFMC study as of May, 2001 covers 190 gastrectomized patients with advanced gastric cancer from 82 institutions between May, 1996 and March, 2000. Patients were randomly assigned to the following two regimens. Group-CD: cisplatin (CDDP) 5 mg/body/day (i.v.) plus 5-FU 300 mg/body/day (cvi) day 1-5, given for 6 weeks, followed by UFT 200 mg (as tegafur) x 2/day for as long as possible. Group-UF: UFT only was administered after surgery as long as possible. The primary endpoint was survival and the secondary endpoint was disease-free survival. The 4-year survival rates were 47.6% in CD and 41.3% in UF, and the hazard ratio of CD versus UF was 0.74 (95% CL: 0.47-1.16, p = 0.189) according to a stratified (with stage) logrank analysis. The 4-year disease-free survival rates were 50.1% in CD and 39.3% in UF, and the hazard ratio of CD versus UF was 0.65 (95% CL: 0.42-1.00, p = 0.049). Cox's regression analysis using time-dependent dummy variables, revealed that the effect on the survival was accentuated within 9 months, that on disease-free survival within 6 months. The quality of life (QOL) of patients for one year after surgery in CD was significantly lower than that of patient in UF, as assessed using a QOL questionnaire. Although the present interim analysis does not statistically confirm the efficacy of the "low-dose CDDP plus 5-FU" regimen, an expectation for better results is suggested if this regimen is administered for a longer period of time. The JFMC Clinical Trial Committee permitted the release of this report on the condition that further study to verify the present study will be conducted.

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JournalGan to kagaku ryoho. Cancer & chemotherapy
Issue number13
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2002


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