Influence of prostaglandin F analogues on the secretory function of bovine luteal cells and ovarian arterial contractility in vitro

A. J. Korzekwa, K. Lukasik, W. Pilawski, K. K. Piotrowska-Tomala, J. J. Jaroszewski, S. Yoshioka, K. Okuda, D. J. Skarzynski

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Although prostaglandin (PG) F analogues are routinely used for oestrus synchronisation in cattle, their effects on the function of the bovine corpus luteum (CL), and on ovarian arterial contractility, may not reflect the physiological effects of endogenous PGF. In the first of two related experiments, the effects of different analogues of PGF (aPGF) on the secretory function and apoptosis of cultured bovine cells of the CL were assessed. Enzymatically-isolated bovine luteal cells (from between days 8 and 12 of the oestrous cycle), were stimulated for 24h with naturally-occurring PGF or aPGF (dinoprost, cloprostenol or luprostiol). Secretion of progesterone (P4) was determined and cellular [Ca2+]i mobilisation, as well as cell viability and apoptosis were measured.Naturally-occurring PGF and dinoprost stimulated P4 secretion (P<0.05), whereas cloprostenol and luprostiol did not influence P4 synthesis. The greatest cytotoxic and pro-apoptotic effects were observed in the luprostiol-treated cells, at 37.3% and 202%, respectively (P<0.001). The greatest effect on [Ca2+]i mobilisation in luteal cells was observed post-luprostiol treatment (200%; P<0.001).In a second experiment, the influence of naturally-occurring PGF and aPGF on ovarian arterial contraction in vitro, were examined. No differences in the effects of dinoprost or naturally-occurring PGF were found across the studied parameters. The effects of cloprostenol and luprostiol on luteal cell death, in addition to their effects on ovarian arterial contractility, were much greater than those produced by treatment with naturally-occurring PGF.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)131-137
Number of pages7
JournalVeterinary Journal
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2014


  • Arterial contraction
  • Cattle
  • Corpus luteum
  • Luteolysis
  • PGF
  • Prostaglandin F

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