Hemispherical distribution of CO above the Venus' clouds by ground-based 2.3μm spectroscopy

N. Iwagami, T. Yamaji, S. Ohtsuki, Joji Hashimoto

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The abundance of carbon monoxide in the Venus' dayside atmosphere above the clouds was measured by ground-based 2.3μm spectroscopy for 4days. The hemispherical distributions found show no significant latitudinal or longitudinal structure. The disc-averaged mixing ratio of 58±17ppm found at a representative height of 62-67km is consistent with previous measurements. Such a flat distribution of CO abundance above the clouds seems to be controlled by an efficient horizontal eddy diffusion with a time scale of 30days or shorter although the CO distribution below the clouds seems to be controlled by the meridional circulation. The pole-ward wind speed of the meridional circulation above the clouds is estimated to be 0.2ms-1 or less based on the difference between the CO mixing ratios above and below the clouds.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2010



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  • Venus, Atmosphere

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