General rules for clinical and pathological studies on oral cancer (2nd edition): a synopsis

Scientific Committee on General Rules for Clinical, Pathological Studies of Oral Cancer, Japanese Society of Oral Oncology

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For doctors and other medical staff treating oral cancer, it is necessary to standardize the basic concepts and rules for oral cancer to achieve progress in its treatment, research, and diagnosis. Oral cancer is an integral part of head and neck cancer and is treated in accordance with the general rules for head and neck cancer. However, detailed rules based on the specific characteristics of oral cancer are essential. The objective of this article was to contribute to the development of the diagnosis, treatment, and research of oral cancer, based on the correct and useful medical information of clinical, surgical, pathological, and imaging findings accumulated from individual patients at various institutions. Our general rules were revised as the UICC was revised for the 8th edition and were published as the Japanese second edition in 2019. In this paper, the English edition of the “Rules” section is primarily presented.

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JournalInternational Journal of Clinical Oncology
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