Fabrication of particles and crystals of poly(p-phenylene pyromelliteimide) and the study on crystal structure

Kanji Wakabayashi, Tetsuya Uchida, Shinichi Yamazaki, Kunio Kimura, Kaoru Shimamura

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Morphologies of poly(p-phenylene pyromelliteimide) (PPPI) were investigated by using phase separation during polymerization of pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA) and p-phenylene diamine (PPDA). Polymerizations were carried out at 330°C for 6 h. PPDA was added to the solution of PMDA in an aromatic solvent at various temperatures after PMDA was entirely dissolved. The morphology of the precipitates was drastically changed with the temperature of PPDA addition (Tad). When Tad was 240°C, the fine particles were formed through the formation of droplets via liquid-liquid phase separation. On the contrary, when Tad was higher than 280 °C, the mixture of lozenge-shaped crystals and starlike aggregates of needlelike crystals were formed by the crystallization of oligomers. Tad influenced the degree of imidization of oligomers, resulting in the variation in the morphology of PPPI. Crystal structure and molecular chain orientation of the lozenge-shaped crystals were also investigated by high-resolution transmission electron microscope.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)239-246
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Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Jan 23 2007


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