Expression of chromogranin a in the mouse dental pulp and periodontal tissues

Masahiro Sato, Keisuke Nakano, Shinnosuke Saito, Atsushi Nabeyama, Norimasa Okafuji, Akio Yamamoto, Etsuo Kasahara, Hiromasa Hasegawa, Toshiyuki Kawakami

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We examined immunohistochemical expression of Chromogranin A (CgA) in the mouse dental pulp and the periodontal tissues, which exposed to 3 hours immediate teeth separation. In the experimental group, CgA positive staining products were frequently detected in the periodontal fibroblasts and endothelial cells, and also detected in the dental pulp cells. The positive reactions were stronger than that of control specimens. The data suggests that induced expression was due to the mechanical stress of wedge insertion.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)295-300
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Hard Tissue Biology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2011
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  • Chromogranin a
  • Dental pulp
  • Immediate teeth separation
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Mechanical stress
  • Operative dentistry
  • Periodontal tissue

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Sato, M., Nakano, K., Saito, S., Nabeyama, A., Okafuji, N., Yamamoto, A., Kasahara, E., Hasegawa, H., & Kawakami, T. (2011). Expression of chromogranin a in the mouse dental pulp and periodontal tissues. Journal of Hard Tissue Biology, 20(4), 295-300.