Experimental verification of the cluster model of CH3F-(ortho-H2)n in solid para-H2 by using mid-infrared pump-probe laser spectroscopy

Yuki Miyamoto, Asao Mizoguchi, Hideto Kanamori

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    The bleaching process in the C-F stretching mode (ν3 band) of CH3F-(ortho-H2)n [n = 0 and 1] clusters in solid para-H2 was monitored using pump and probe laser spectroscopy on the C-H stretching mode (ν1 and 2ν5 bands). From an analysis of the depleted spectral profiles, the transition frequency and linewidth of each cluster were directly determined. The results agree with the values previously derived from a deconvolution analysis of the broadened ν1/2ν5 spectrum observed by FTIR spectroscopy. The complementary increase and decrease between the n = 0 and 1 components were also verified through monitoring the ν1 and 2ν5 bands, which suggests a closed system among the CH3F-(ortho-H2)n clusters. These observations provide experimental verification of the CH3F-(ortho-H2)n cluster model. On the other hand, a trial to observe the bleaching process by pumping the C-H stretching mode was not successful. This result may be important for understanding the dynamics of vibrational relaxation processes in CH3F-(ortho-H2)n in solid para-H2

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number114302
    JournalJournal of Chemical Physics
    Issue number11
    Publication statusPublished - Mar 21 2017

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