Environmental toxicity and evaluation

Lee Yook Heng, Lia Ooi, Izumi C. Mori, Dedi Futra

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The basic concept of environmental toxicity and its importance in the evaluation of ecosystem health will be introduced. Toxicity evaluation theory and practice will be briefly discussed. Traditional techniques such as bioassays for environmental toxicity evaluation will be introduced where the advantages and disadvantages will be presented. But the main focus of environmental toxicity evaluation will be on the use of more recent techniques for rapid environmental toxicity assessments such as toxicity biosensor and its basic concept, current applications, and future prospects.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEnvironmental Risk Analysis for Asian-Oriented, Risk-Based Watershed Management
Subtitle of host publicationJapan and Malaysia
PublisherSpringer Singapore
Number of pages24
ISBN (Electronic)9789811080906
ISBN (Print)9789811080890
Publication statusPublished - May 7 2018


  • Bioassay
  • Environmental security
  • Environmental toxicity
  • Toxicity biosensor
  • Toxicity measurement

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