Enhancement by blood transfusions of transplanted tumor growth in mice

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It has been demonstrated that the renal graft survival was prolonged after blood transfusion. The immunological action of blood transfusion in the host is not clear yet. The effect of blood transfusion on transplanted tumor growth in mice was examined. Using C3H/He (H-2k), AKR (H-2k), C57BL/6 (H-2b), and (C57BL/6xDBA/2)F1 (H-2b,d)mice, mutually different transfusion combinations were prepared. MH134 cells (hepatoma) originated from C3H/He mice or Lewis lung carcinoma cells originated from C57BL/6 mice were grafted beneath the back skin of mice on the second week after transfusion, and size of the tumor was measured. The results showed that 1) blood transfusion among mice with the same H-2 systems had no enhancing effect on grafted tumor growth, 2) blood transfusion among mice with different H-2 systems markedly enhanced the tumor growth, although different in degrees, 3) In the experiments of component transfusions, transfusion of lymphoid cells also enhanced the tumor growth, but not erythrocytes. The results of these experiments clearly showed the differential effects of allogeneic or syngeneic blood transfusion on transplanted tumor growth in mice.

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