Ellagitannins of davidia involucrata. I. Structure of davicratinic acid a and effects of davidia tannins on drug-resistant bacteria and human oral squamous cell carcinomas

Yuuki Shimozu, Yuriko Kimura, Akari Esumi, Hiroe Aoyama, Teruo Kuroda, Hiroshi Sakagami, Tsutomu Hatano

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We isolated a new ellagitannin, davicratinic acid A (5), together with four known ellagitannins, davidiin (1), granatin A (2), pedunculagin (3), and 3-O-galloylgranatin A (4), from an aqueous acetone extract of dried Davidia involucrata leaves. The known ellagitannins were identified based on spectroscopic data. The structure of davicratinic acid A (5), a monomeric ellagitannin possessing a unique, skew-boat glucopyranose core, was established based on spectroscopic data. Additionally, we examined the effects of several tannins with good yields from this plant on drug-resistant bacteria and human oral squamous cell carcinomas, and found that davidiin (1) exhibited the most potent antibacterial and antitumor properties among the tannins examined.

Original languageEnglish
Article number470
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Mar 1 2017



  • Anti-bacterial effect
  • Antitumor effect
  • Davicratinic acid A
  • Davidia involucrata
  • Ellagitannin

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