Electronic structures of CeM2Al10 (M = Fe, Ru, and Os) studied by soft X-ray resonant and high-resolution photoemission spectroscopies

Toshihiko Ishiga, Takanori Wakita, Rikiya Yoshida, Hiroyuki Okazaki, Koji Tsubota, Masanori Sunagawa, Kanta Uenaka, Kozo Okada, Hiroshi Kumigashira, Masaharu Oshima, Keisuke Yutani, Yuji Muro, Toshiro Takabatake, Yuji Muraoka, Takayoshi Yokoya

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We have performed a photoemission spectroscopy (PES) study of CeM2Al10 ( M = Fe, Ru, and Os) to directly observe the electronic structure involved in the unusual magnetic ordering. Soft X-ray resonant (SXR) PES provides spectroscopic evidence of the hybridization between conduction and Ce 4 f electrons (c-f hybridization) and the order of the hybridization strength (Ru < Os < Fe). High-resolution (HR) PES of CeRu2Al10 and CeOs2Al10 , as compared with that of CeFe2Al10, identi fies two structures that can be ascribed to structures induced by the c-f hybridization and the antiferromagnetic ordering, respectively. Although the c-f hybridization-induced structure is a depletion of the spectral intensity (pseudogap) around the Fermi level (EF) with an energy scale of 20 -30meV, the structure related to the antiferromagnetic ordering is observed as a shoulder at approximately 10 -11 meV within the pseudogap. The energies of the shoulder structures of CeRu2Al10 and CeOs2Al10 are approximately half of the optical gap (20 meV), indicating that EF is located at the midpoint of the gap.

Original languageEnglish
Article number094717
Journaljournal of the physical society of japan
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sep 15 2014

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