Discussion on method for predicting targets in pointing by mouse

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In this paper, the method to predict a target which a user is about to point with a mouse on the basis of the trajectory of the mouse cursor was proposed. The effects of the interval between targets, the sampling interval and the number of selection of targets on the point time and the prediction accuracy were investigated. The pointing with no prediction mode was also conducted. As a result, the prediction method 1 that regarded the target which was selected continuously 5 times as the candidate target was found to be proper from the viewpoint of the prediction accuracy. On the other hand, the prediction method 2 that caluculated the angle between the cursor movement vector and the vector which connected the current cursor position and the center of each target, and determined the minimum cumulation value as the candidate was proper in that the point time was shorter than the method 1. The optimal condition of the prediction method 1 was st=4ticks and d ≥ 30dots.The optimal condition of the prediction method 2 from the viewpoint of the prediction accuracy was n=6, 8,10.

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JournalAdvances in Human Factors/Ergonomics
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