Diabetic nephropathy is associated with frailty in patients with chronic hemodialysis

Yuki Kakio, Haruhito Adam Uchida, Hidemi Takeuchi, Yuka Okuyama, Michihiro Okuyama, Ryoko Umebayashi, Kentaro Wada, Hitoshi Sugiyama, Ken Sugimoto, Hiromi Rakugi, Shingo Kasahara, Jun Wada

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Aim: Since 1998, the leading cause of chronic hemodialysis in Japan has been diabetic nephropathy. Diabetes mellitus is known to be a risk factor for frailty, but it still remains unknown whether diabetic nephropathy is associated with frailty in chronic dialysis patients. The authors carried out the present study to reveal the association between frailty and diabetic nephropathy in chronic hemodialysis patients. Methods: A total of 355 patients who were on hemodialysis were recruited. Participants were divided into two groups of either patients who suffered diabetic nephropathy with end-stage renal disease (DN group, n = 150) or not (Non-DN group, n = 205). The authors investigated the difference of the prevalence of frailty between the two groups. Furthermore, the authors examined the risk factors for frailty. Results: The prevalence of frailty in the DN group was significantly higher than that in the Non-DN group (28.0% vs 16.5%, P = 0.0161). To evaluate the association between frailty and its risk factors, we compared frail patients (n = 71) and non-frail patients (n = 262). After adjusting their interrelationships by using multivariate logistic regression analysis, diabetic nephropathy was determined as a significant risk factor for frailty. Conclusions: The authors found the close association between frailty and diabetic nephropathy in chronic hemodialysis patients. Geriatr Gerontol Int 2018; ••: ••–••.

Original languageEnglish
JournalGeriatrics and Gerontology International
Publication statusAccepted/In press - Jan 1 2018



  • diabetes mellitus
  • diabetic nephropathy
  • frailty
  • hemodialysis
  • kidney

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