Desorption Phenomenon of Adsorbed Water on a Homogeneous SrF2 Surface at Lower Temperatures

Yasushige Kuroda, Yuzo Yoshikawa, Mahiko Nagao

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The adsorbed state of water on SrF2 has been studied through dielectric measurement in the temperature range from 298 to 77 K and in a coverage range up to 4. The relaxation attributable to the orientational polarization of adsorbed water molecules was found at 415 kHz and at 159 K near the monolayer coverage. It was also found that the chord length of the Cole-Cole plots for this relaxation varies linearly with coverage until a complete monolayer is formed and that it suppresses and ultimately stops increasing in magnitude beyond the surface coverage of ca. 1. These findings are interpreted in terms of the desorption of adsorbed water from the second or moee higher layers on the SrF2 surface at lower temperatures, resulting from a weaker interaction between adsorbed water molecules and/or between adsorbed water and the solid surface, as compared to the mutual interaction of water molecules in the bulk phase.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Oct 1 1995
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