Crystal and molecular structures of dichloridopalladium(II) containing 2-methyl- or 2-phenyl-8-(diphenyphosphanyl)quinoline

Masatoshi Mori, Atsushi Namioka, Takayoshi Suzuki

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The crystal structures of dichloridopalladium(II) complexes bearing 2-methyl- and 2-phenyl-8-(diphenylphosphanyl)quinoline, namely, dichlorido[8-(diphenylphosphanyl)-2-methylquinoline-κ2 N,P]palladium(II), [PdCl2(C22H18NP)] (1) and dichlorido[8-(diphenylphosphanyl)-2-phenylquinoline-κ2 N,P]palladium(II), [PdCl2(C27H20NP)] (2), were analyzed and compared to that of the 8-(diphenylphosphanyl)quinoline (PQH) analogue (3). In all three complexes, the phosphanylquinoline moiety acts as a bidentate P,N-donating chelate ligand. In the PQH complex (3), the PdII center has a typical planar coordination environment; however, both the methyl- and phenyl-substituted phosphanylquinoline (PQMe and PQPh, respectively) complexes (1) and (2) exhibit a considerable tetrahedral distortion around the PdII center, as parameterized by the τ4 values of 0.1555(4) and 0.1438(4) for (1) and (2), respectively. The steric interaction from the substituted group introduced at the 2-position of the quinoline ring enforces the cis-positioned Cl ligand to be displaced from the ideal coordination plane. Also, the ideally planar phosphanylquinoline five-membered chelate ring shows a large bending deformation by the displacement of the PdII center from the quinoline plane. In addition, in the phenyl-substituted complex (3), the coordinating quinolyl and the substituted phenyl rings are not co-planar to each other, having a dihedral angle of 33.08(7)°. This twist conformation prohibits any intermolecular π-π stacking interaction between the quinoline planes, which is observed in the crystals of complexes (1) and (2).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)52-57
Number of pages6
JournalActa Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2021


  • 8-quinolylphosphane
  • crystal structure
  • intermolecular stacking interaction.
  • square-planar coordination
  • tetrahedral distortion

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