Cross-correlation of cmb polarization lensing with high-z submillimeter herschel-atlas galaxies

M. Aguilar Faúndez, K. Arnold, C. Baccigalupi, D. Barron, D. Beck, F. Bianchini, D. Boettger, J. Borrill, J. Carron, K. Cheung, Y. Chinone, H. El Bouhargani, T. Elleflot, J. Errard, G. Fabbian, C. Feng, N. Galitzki, N. Goeckner-Wald, M. Hasegawa, M. HazumiL. Howe, D. Kaneko, N. Katayama, B. Keating, N. Krachmalnicoff, A. Kusaka, A. T. Lee, D. Leon, E. Linder, L. N. Lowry, F. Matsuda, Y. Minami, M. Navaroli, H. Nishino, A. T.P. Pham, D. Poletti, G. Puglisi, C. L. Reichardt, B. D. Sherwin, M. Silva-Feaver, R. Stompor, A. Suzuki, O. Tajima, S. Takakura, S. Takatori, G. P. Teply, C. Tsai, C. Vergès

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We report a 4.8σ measurement of the cross-correlation signal between the cosmic microwave background (CMB) lensing convergence reconstructed from measurements of the CMB polarization made by the Polarbear experiment and the infrared-selected galaxies of the Herschel-ATLAS survey. This is the first measurement of its kind. We infer a best-fit galaxy bias of b=5.76\pm 1.25, corresponding to a host halo mass log10(Mh M⊙. =13.5+0.2 -0.3 of at an effective redshift of z ∼ 2 from the cross-correlation power spectrum. Residual uncertainties in the redshift distribution of the submillimeter galaxies are subdominant with respect to the statistical precision. We perform a suite of systematic tests, finding that instrumental and astrophysical contaminations are small compared to the statistical error. This cross-correlation measurement only relies on CMB polarization information that, differently from CMB temperature maps, is less contaminated by galactic and extragalactic foregrounds, providing a clearer view of the projected matter distribution. This result demonstrates the feasibility and robustness of this approach for future high-sensitivity CMB polarization experiments.

Original languageEnglish
Article number38
JournalAstrophysical Journal
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Nov 20 2019
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