Complications of a poly-l-lactic acid and polyglycolic acid osteosynthesis device for internal fixation in maxillofacial surgery

Shintaro Sukegawa, Takahiro Kanno, Kenichi Matsumoto, Yuka Sukegawa-Takahashi, Masanori Masui, Yoshihiko Furuki

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The purpose of this study was to retrospectively evaluate and examine the incidence of complications using poly-l-lactic acid and polyglycolic acid (PLLA/PGA) copolymer plate system in maxillofacial osteosynthesis. The retrospective study included 87 patients (50 men, 37 women), who needed maxillofacial surgery. We examined the proportion of complications and their factors from clinical data. A comparison was also made for plate decomposition using the molecular weight of the plate without plate exposure and complications. Osteosynthesis sites healed in all patients. Ten cases (11.5%) showed plate exposure-related complications, with all occurring at intraoral surgical sites. There was no significant difference in molecular weight changes of plates in resorbable process. Statistical analysis of study variables between patients with and without exposed plates showed that the plate thickness was significantly associated with the risk of exposed plates (p < 0.05). The commercially available PLLA/PGA device could be a useful rapid resorbable material for maxillofacial osteosynthesis. When thick plates are used on the intraoral site, it may be necessary to pay attention to the complication of plate exposure. Even if exposure-related complications have occurred, resorption and degradation of this material proceeds, suggesting the ease of appropriate risk management.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Oct 1 2018
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  • Complication
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Poly-l-lactic acid
  • Polyglycolic acid
  • Resorbable plate

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