Complete genome sequence of a Japanese isolate of Daphne virus S

Naoko Fujita, Ken Komatsu, Yutaro Neriya, Satoshi Kagiwada, Shinichiro Hara, Akio Miyazaki, Osamu Netsu, Masayoshi Hashimoto, Yasuyuki Yamaji, Shigetou Namba

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Daphne virus S (DVS), a member of the genus Carlavirus, was isolated from a daphne plant in Japan. The genome of the isolate (DVS-JP) consisted of 8736 nucleotides and was predicted to contain six open reading frames (ORFs). The overall genome sequence identity between DVS-JP and the previously reported Korean isolate of DVS (DVS-K) was 83.0%, whereas identities to other carlaviruses ranged from 20.5-56.0%. Each DVS-JP ORF shared more than 80% identity at both the nucleotide and amino acid levels with DVS-K, but less than 56% with other carlaviruses, which confirmed that DVS-JP was the same species as DVS-K. The RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) showed the highest identity with Phlox virus S, and the coat protein (CP) showed the highest identity with Helenium virus S and Chrysanthemum virus B. The genome sequence of an isolate of DVS-JP revealed a high degree of identity with DVS-K, which increases our understanding of the evolution of the genus Carlavirus.

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Publication statusPublished - Sept 1 2015
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  • Carlavirus
  • Complete genome
  • Daphne virus S
  • Japan

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