Comparative uptake behavior of trace elements in adult and suckling rat lens

Tomohiro Nabekura, Takeshi Minami, Rieko Hirunuma, Shuichi Enomoto, Ryohei Hori, Yoshimasa Ito

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The multitracer technique was applied to the determination of the uptake of trace elements in the lenses of adult and suckling rats to investigate the transport mechanisms of trace elements during developmental maturation. Be, Sc, V, Mn, Fe, Co, Zn, As, Se, Rb, Sr, Y, Zr, Ru and Rh accumulate in adult and suckling rat lenses. The rates of uptake of trace elements differ among each species and also differ between adult and suckling rat lenses. The uptakes of Fe and Sr are greater in adult rat lenses, while the uptakes of Se and Rb are greater in suckling rat lenses. High concentrations of Zn are transported into the lenses of both adult and suckling rats in comparison with other elements, and the content of Zn in suckling rat lens is higher than in adult lens. The present study suggests that different mechanisms depending on the stage of development act to transport trace elements into lenses.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)101-105
Number of pages5
Issue number2-3
Publication statusPublished - Jun 21 2001


  • Crystalline lens
  • Multitracer
  • Suckling rat
  • Trace elements

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