Characterization of reaction products of 2-thienylamine and 2-furfurylamine with bis(acetylacetonato)palladium(II)

Masakazu Kita, Matsuo Nonoyama

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2-Thienylamine (Hata) and 2-furfurylamine (Hafa) reacted with bis(acetylacetonato)palladium(II) [Pd(acac)2] in dichloromethane at room temperature to give Pd(acac)2(Hata) and Pd(acac)2(Hafa), respectively. In refluxing toluene the former amine gave [Pd(acac)(ata)]2, while with the latter no further reaction took place. In Pd(acac)2(Hata) and Pd(acac)2(Hafa) the amines were coordinated through the amino group, with one acac ligand as an OO chelate and the other γ-carbon bonded. X-ray analysis revealed that [Pd(acac)(ata)]2 was a dimer where the palladium atoms were bridged by deprotonated amino groups and coordinated with OO chelating acac ligands.

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Publication statusPublished - May 1993
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