Central administration of interleukin-1β reduces natural killer cell activity in non-pregnant rats, but not in pregnant rats

Hiroyuki Nakamura, Toshio Seto, Kotaro Hatta, Ichiyo Matsuzaki, Hirofumi Nagase, Masami Yoshida, Keiki Ogino

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To examine responses of natural killer cell activity (NKCA) to interleukin-1β (IL-1β)) during pregnancy, we determined splenic NKCA as well as blood and brain indicators in virgin and pregnant rats (14 or 21 days gestation) with intracerebroventricular (icv) administration of IL-1β. NKCA was reduced and blood β-endorphin (β EP) was increased with the progress of pregnancy. Icv administration of IL-1β reduced NKCA and corticotropin- releasing hormone (CRH) in the median eminence (ME), and increased βEP in virgin rats, but did not change any parameters in pregnant rats with 21 days gestation. These data suggest that the immunosuppressive effect of central administration of IL-1β is blocked by pregnancy. CRH in the ME and opioid system seem to be involved in the inhibitory effect of pregnancy on IL-1β- induced immunosuppression.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)651-659
Number of pages9
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1998
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  • β-endorphin
  • Corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH)
  • Interleukin- 1β
  • Natural killer cell activity
  • Pregnancy

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