Auditory attentional load modulates the temporal dynamics of audiovisual integration in older adults: An ERPs study

Weiping Yang, Shengnan Li, Ao Guo, Zimo Li, Xiangfu Yang, Yanna Ren, Jiajia Yang, Jinglong Wu, Zhilin Zhang

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As older adults experience degenerations in perceptual ability, it is important to gain perception from audiovisual integration. Due to attending to one or more auditory stimuli, performing other tasks is a common challenge for older adults in everyday life. Therefore, it is necessary to probe the effects of auditory attentional load on audiovisual integration in older adults. The present study used event-related potentials (ERPs) and a dual-task paradigm [Go / No-go task + rapid serial auditory presentation (RSAP) task] to investigate the temporal dynamics of audiovisual integration. Behavioral results showed that both older and younger adults responded faster and with higher accuracy to audiovisual stimuli than to either visual or auditory stimuli alone. ERPs revealed weaker audiovisual integration under the no-attentional auditory load condition at the earlier processing stages and, conversely, stronger integration in the late stages. Moreover, audiovisual integration was greater in older adults than in younger adults at the following time intervals: 60–90, 140–210, and 430–530 ms. Notably, only under the low load condition in the time interval of 140–210 ms, we did find that the audiovisual integration of older adults was significantly greater than that of younger adults. These results delineate the temporal dynamics of the interactions with auditory attentional load and audiovisual integration in aging, suggesting that modulation of auditory attentional load affects audiovisual integration, enhancing it in older adults.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1007954
JournalFrontiers in Aging Neuroscience
Publication statusPublished - Oct 17 2022


  • aging
  • audiovisual integration
  • auditory attentional load
  • ERPs
  • rapid serial auditory presentation (RSAP)

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  • Ageing
  • Cognitive Neuroscience


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