Amorphous tantalum and niobium oxide proton conductors derived from respective peroxo polyacids

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Tantalum and niobium based amorphous solids were prepared by drying respective peroxo polyacids. Peroxo-polytantalate (Ta-IPA) was obtained by a direct reaction of Ta(OC2H5)5 with H2O2, and its Nb-analogue (Nb-IPA) was synthesized by dissolving metallic Nb in H2O2. Niobium carbide also gave a pale yellow solution (Nb-IPA) with H2O2, which had carbon incorporated as a hetero atom. Alternating current electrical conductivity measurements were carried out with pellet samples. Each specimen showed similar temperature dependency indicating its proton conductive mechanism was the same. The conductivity of Ta-IPA solid was larger than those of the others (e.g. 3.9×10-6 S cm-1, 27°C). Conduction mechanisms are discussed i relation to the water content and the structure of these materials.

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