Absence of α6(IV) collagen in kidney and skin of X-linked Alport syndrome patients

Satoshi Hino, Tsukasa Takemura, Yoshikazu Sado, Megumi Kagawa, Toshitaka Oohashi, Yoshifumi Ninomiya, Kazuo Yoshioka

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To identify the abnormalities of the type IV collagen α6 chain, α6(IV), in Alport syndrome, we examined renal and skin tissue using rat monoclonal antibodies against non-consensus amino acid sequences of α6(IV). Immunofluorescence of normal human kidney and skin tissue revealed linear α6(IV) staining in the basement membrane (BM) of Bowman's capsule, in some tubules, and also in the epidermal BM. Renal specimens from five male patients of four families with X-linked Alport syndrome showed no reactivity for α6(IV) in. Bowman's capsules and tubules. In these patients, α1(IV) and α2(IV) were normal, whereas α3(IV), α4(IV), and α5(IV) were absent from the BMs of the kidney. In skin tissue of male patients, neither α5(IV) nor α6(IV) were detected. The epidermal BM of female heterozygotes with X-linked Alport syndrome showed a mosaic staining for α5(IV) and α6(IV). These findings indicate that, in addition to a disturbed α3 (IV)-α4(IV)-α5(IV) network, patients with X-linked Alport syndrome have abnormalities in α6(IV) of the renal and epidermal BMs at the protein level.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)742-744
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JournalPediatric Nephrology
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Dec 14 1996
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  • Alport syndrome
  • Basement membrane
  • Type IV collagen

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